A very exiting tool in our education program is AET, which is a special multi-media program complete with workbooks, until grade 9. This is the step prior to (proceed with) certain learnerships or education for a trade, profession or job.

The term AET refers to Adult Education and Training and refers to facilitated education up to the equivalent of grade 9 (standard 7) in the foundational learning areas of Communication and Mathematical Literacy at Joshua Project. It is an outcomes-based programme, and aims to provide basic learning tools, knowledge and skills, and provides participants with nationally recognized qualifications. (NQF1)

The four levels of AET training offered at Joshua Project are equivalent to Grades R to 9 in Communication and Mathematical Literacy.

The Joshua Project AET program is available to children and youth attending our Educare Program.  We have been granted a community site license which enables us to assist the broader community as well.

AET programmes are overseen by the National AET Board and our service provider is Media Works.