Skills Development

Manpower’s Talent Shortage Survey has revealed that 35% of employers in South Africa are struggling to find qualified job candidates, particularly in the engineering, skilled trades and accounting and finance industry sectors.

Those who learn a wider range of skills become more valuable as employees and more employable as job seekers.

We have already established a skills-development center on our property where we are currently teaching woodcraft skills to the older children and would like to in the near future incorporate other skills as well on site.

The goal is through IDP (Individual Development Plan) discussions with learners to identify interests and give learners exposure to the different fields of trade such as carpentry, plumbing, painting, electrical, mechanics and home economics amongst others and to encourage and develop skills identified in learners ourselves on site or through partnering with other businesses or organizations.

A further purpose is to identify learners and to show them basic skills and if they are interested, they can enter the formal trade schools or learnerships offered by various setas.

An aim is to establish a mentoring relationship between the teacher and learner as they work together and learn together. Joshua Project wants to expose children and youth to and teach them basic skills such as using a hammer, changing tap washers, changing a tyre, preparing meals, sewing, etc and with that build relationships and trust, furthering the development of the child’s character and transferring skills at the same time.

Our desire is prepare learners for the ‘World of Work’ and aid in equipping them to be financially independent and part of the workforce through providing Skills Development opportunities.