Invest in a Child

It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men.

– Frederick Douglass

It’s always been Joshua Project’s desire to see willing and able children and youth receive support on all levels, including physically and academically.

Your investment goes a long way towards making that desire a reality.

Investing in the lives of these young ones isn’t a once-off feel-good moment. Your investment carries eternal value.

Our children are future leaders. By sowing into their lives we—with your help—raise up great leaders.

It costs more than R1,000 per month to place a learner in a respectable senior / high school that’s within walking distance. This places an immense burden on the learner. Your investment helps carry that burden.

You have an opportunity to make a difference. Your investment will bear fruit. It might not bear fruit this year, or even next year, but like anything worth waiting for, it will eventually.

Why it is a great idea to invest in a Joshua Project child:

  • It’s always been Joshua Project’s heart to see willing and able children and youth receive academic support;
  • We believe that investing into the lives of our children and youth has eternal value and this includes sponsoring learners to have the best possible educational opportunities;
  • Our children are our future leaders, by sowing into their lives we are aiding in raising up great leaders.
  • It costs R1090 per month to place a learner in a well respected senior/high school that is within walking distance for the learner; so much support is needed.

Obligations of the learner:

  • To motivate for sponsorship, the learner must produce a letter of acceptance of admission from the school;
  • The learner must have at least a 65% aggregate;
  • The learner must provide reports on a quarterly basis (at the end of every school term) as progress reports are required to ensure consideration of continued support;
  • The sponsorship only covers school fees, all additional costs are the responsibility of the learner.

Information for possible sponsors:

  • A commitment of a fixed monthly amount for at least one year to be paid directly into the Joshua Project Sponsor a Child account;
  • You will receive quarterly reports on the learners being sponsored;
  • Want to be part of this program to invest into the lives of young learners? contact us through the contact form or call us on (042)2933273, you can direct your communication to Erna Tolkamp or Michelle Dorfling.

Invest in Joshua Project

Make a difference in the lives of our children, our community and the future of South Africa.

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