Bank details

Account nameJoshua Project
Bank FNB
Account number 62777262222
Branch code 210515
Swift code FIRNZAJJ
Section 18A Certificate Issued

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Joshua Project is a registered Non-Profit Organization (registration # 98/07990/08) and to ensure that we are able to effectively serve and support the vulnerable children and youth who daily come to Joshua Project, we are reliant on God’s provision and funds received from churches, local/international businesses, other organizations and individuals who are lead to give and partner with us.

We are thankful and greatly appreciate any contribution made and are able to provide an official receipt for any donation made.

Tax information

Joshua Project is a registered non-profit organization, registration number: 1998/007990/08 serving the vulnerable children and youth within our community with certified public benefit number 18/11/13/329.

Tax benefits: There are tax breaks for donating money to a charitable cause.
Joshua Project is accepted as such a project in the Ninth Schedule to the Act – as we are covered by at least 6 of the elements listed in this act.