Invest in a volunteer

Here’s something you don’t want to miss.

It’s an opportunity to invest in the lives of VIPs. (Your investment allows you to rub shoulders with stars!)

I’m talking about Joshua Project volunteers; those individuals who play mother, father, brother, sister and mentor to children who hardly know what it’s like to have a real family.

The work of Joshua Project volunteers—and consequently, your investment in them—has a direct bearing on our country’s future.

Let me explain.

Your children know that, if life squeezes, they can run to you, receive a hug and hear the words, “I love you” and “everything will be OK”.

The kids at Joshua Project don’t have that.

Many of them live in fear. Violence is their natural environment. The streets offer more protection than their own homes.

Joshua Project is the only safe haven for some of these kids. This is where they go for their hugs and to hear that they’re loved and that everything will be OK.

Without our volunteers, these kids won’t have the faintest idea of what love is. They’ll grow up thinking that violence is the answer to everything and that theft offers the only viable means of income.

We don’t want these kids to become criminals. We want them to experience at least a glimpse of true family love. We want them to know and experience God’s love. That’s only possible with the help of our volunteers. And we can only have volunteers if you invest in them.

How we do it

We follow the MEND methodology to share the love of God with—and bring change in the lives of—Joshua Project kids.


Team members build relationships with the children. This empowers the children to become responsible citizens and happy, purpose driven people.


Children attend the AET (Adult Education Training) programme three times a week to build their academic skills, which motivates them to go back to school.


Children receive breakfast and lunch to give them physical energy to attend classes and partake in skills development exercises.


We believe that a spiritual need is people’s greatest need, so we spend plenty of energy in proclaiming the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ, for spiritual revival and fellowship.

Our desire

We desire to see Joshua Project kids transformed. Transformation comes through the Holy Spirit. This drives us to share the gospel of Jesus Christ daily.

We couple this with a practical approach to teaching Joshua Project children how to be good citizens.

The work takes patience, elbow grease and money. Our volunteers have plenty of the first two; it’s the last one that requires your attention.

Our role in the community

We visit parents, counsel community members on child development, reach out to other projects and network with many role players in Kouga.

These activities take time, but they’re crucial, because they allow us to form a bond with the community surrounding Joshua Project.

Our partners

We partner with projects like Pure Dust Wood, Aleph Surf Foundation, Work4aLiving and Bigfish Development, to mention a few.

Invest now

With your investment, Joshua Project can continue to make the positive difference it is making in the lives of many children.

Without your investment, Joshua Project will become an empty building, haunted by the echoes of children who once found love and shelter there.

Invest in our volunteers and be one of the people who can say, “I’m making a difference in the future of South Africa.”