Lockdown Opportunities to Serve

Amidst the uncertainties surrounding us, we hold fast onto our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.
Jp Thank You Card

As our whole country came to a practical stand still due to the Covid-19 pendimic, we were grately affected as well by the means of our normal daily routines.

Upon receiving the news that schools have to close as from 18 March as a precaution till 14 April, we had a meeting to get an action plan in place as we know that the children who attend Joshua Project are already in vulnerable circumstances, we could not afford to just send them home as if it is just a school holiday.

The team worked very hard in order to get the action plan executed with lots of love.

In order to take care of both the children as well as the team, we decided to make up food parcels for the children. Letters were drafted and approved by our local disaster management manager, who was then delivered to each household. This letter gave one parent per family permission to collect a food parcel from Joshua Project.

Record is kept of who collects a food parcel for Jeffreys Bay area and the parcels for Humansdorp is being delivered to the homes by one of our volunteers together with our auxiliary and or social worker.

The first weekly parcels were handed out on 26 March.

Although the lock down has been extended and we are still not able to open,  we want to share that together with the continued bi-weekly food parcels, we also include some activities for the children as in Matthew 4:4 “Man shall not live by bread alone but on every word that comes from the mouth of God.” We thus ensure that we provide the children with both educational and devotional activities.

We want to give all glory to our Lord for the provision that we can continue to supply the children with food parcels. Although we would prefer to have them come to the project on a daily basis, we patiently wait for the go ahead from the Department of Social Development.

We have also received some wonderful contributions towards the provision of the food parcels including a monetary collection from our Netherland branch, fresh fruit and veggies, sweet treats, soup mixes and beautiful knitwear and more.

We thank each and every individual and business for your ongoing prayers and support. Thank You to our heavenly Father for His protection and provision.

If you would like to invest into a life of a child who attend Joshua Project, please feel free to contact us.

We covet your prayers for continued protection and provision for the children as well as our team.

We also want to honor each team member who ensure that the parcels are done with lots of love and care.


Amidst the uncertainties surrounding us, we hold fast onto our faith in our Lord, Jesus Christ.