Counselling Room Renovated

Two lovely ladies, who would like to remain anonymous, renovated the Counselling Room at their own expense as well as doing all the work themselves.
Beautifully renovated Counselling Room

Joshua Project would like to take this opportunity to thank 2 lovely ladies, who would like to remain anonymous, for the beautiful work they did with renovating the Counselling Room.

The ladies, after visiting the Jeffreys Bay premises, decided to take initiative and turn the Counselling Room into a safe haven for children during Counselling sessions.

At their own expense, they replaced the curtains, refurbished some of the older furniture and painted and spruced up the room.

We really appreciate the time these ladies took out of their busy schedules to do all the work themselves.

They have turned the uninviting counselling room into a little room of refuge.

Staff can now have one-on-one counselling sessions with children in a safe, beautiful, relaxing environment.

Thank you, lovely ladies, for your selfless sacrifice!

Thank you also to Top Carpets and Floors, Jeffreys Bay for gifting a new carpet for the room. It really is appreciated.

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