AET Classes – Providing better futures!

From the start, response to our AET has been a success.
AET Classes

When Joshua Project opened its doors providing AET (Adult Education Training) to any person in the Pellsrus community, there was a big response from day one.

From the word go, we had 20 people who were employed and wanted to attend classes in the evening.

At our first get-together, the excitement was tangible.  Slowly we could see how the people grabbed the idea of what AET classes would be about.

Even though it was not computer classes in itself, the use of a computer to learn English and Mathematical Literacy were clearly an added advantage to these people who don’t really have access to computers at home or work.

Now, almost 2 months down the line, the faces are familiar and the smiles come easier to the faces as the almost 30 learners enter our building.

For the facilitators, the biggest joy is to see a person coming from not being able to read or write in English, to be able to communicate with more ease.

Thank you for all your efforts Joshua Project team, Mainstream, Coca Cola Company and Media Works, it surely puts a smile on my face and a warm feeling in my heart to teach and facilitate here at Joshua Project! – Betsie Stols

From the start, response to our AET has been a success.