Skills development – a tool that serves a combination of purposes!

Carpentry is a wonderful trade for kids to learn.
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Skills development - a tool that serves a combination of purposes

To teach children and youth carpentry skills benefits them in more ways than one.

By teaching the boys the basic skills of using tools in a proper and safe way, to make tables, chairs, dog kennels etc, we identify and develop their skills and interests.

Meanwhile we establish an environment wherein a relationship of trust and respect is built. Mentoring is part of the activity, maybe less measurable, but no less meaningful!

Children who are used to being neglected, and taught that they are a nuisance in the community learn to explore and develop their skills and get excited about what they can achieve. For us as mentors it is great to see that a boy who understands what it is all about, can transfer the things he learned to others, like the way to handle a sharp chisel to make a good wood joint.

Louis Tolkamp
Maintenance and Skills Development Leader

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