No child belongs on the street!

Don't make beggars of our children!
don't make beggars of our children

Children on the street

All children have the right to an opportunity to a better life.

Why live on the street?

War, hunger, poverty and dysfunctional family lives are the universal reasons why children end up living on the street. Many times situations at home become so distraught because of these circumstances that children seek alternative ways to live. With local and international tourists flowing in and out of Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp children are drawn to the streets.

These children turn to glue and other drugs to numb their feelings in an attempt to cope with their harsh circumstances.

What should I do when children on the street approach me for money?

  • Treat them with dignity and respect and make eye contact.
  • Try to ask for and address them by name.
  • Politely refuse to give money.
  • Do not react to manipulative behaviour.
  • Refer them to a member of Joshua Project.

What does Joshua Project do?

We are a non-profit organization, functioning as a “drop-in-centre” as recognized by the Department of Social Development. We aim to minister hope for a better future to vulnerable children living on the streets and in the community of Jeffreys Bay and Humansdorp. We strive to do this through “M.E.N.D.” (Mentoring, Education, Nurturing and Discipling).

How can you help?

Invest in the future of our children!

All children have the right to an opportunity to a better life.

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Don't make beggars of our children!