Joshua Project Turns 21

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It is with amazement that we look back and see how the Lord took the Joshua Project Baby and developed it into what it is today, a well-known, trusted community project.

We want to honour those who founded the project and those who took the vision and made it their mission.

We celebrated Joshua Project’s 21st Anniversary on 15 November 2018 and Willie Oosthuizen (Managing Director) shared many  memories on the night of the celebration. Below you will read of some of the people who had a major impact on Joshua Project. The past 21 years would not have been possible if it was not for every volunteer, team member, investor and child who gave up their time, resources and much much prayer for Joshua Project.

In the first place we want to honour God, our Father for He is the one who gives direction and He is our provider. But He uses people to do some of the work. There are so many of them it would keep us busy for hours to name them all, but we want to name a few of them…

Oom Piet Coetzee who tirelessly served the children for many years. He is an example of a retired man who used his energy and skills to love and serve the community with the gospel. His work and ministry, together with the first directors laid the foundation for what Joshua Project is today.

Michelle Dorfling who is part of the furniture, our longest serving member – Michelle, the community honours you for your service and ongoing investment in God’s kingdom!

I think of our late brother John Harding… I remember many nights when I passed the old Seven Eleven and then would find John there with the children on the street, talking to them about their hearts, their choices and sharing Christ with them. What a great man!

Ina Roets who ran the finances for a long time, Jan van der Kooi, Betsi, Jaap van Oostrum, Louis and Erna Tolkamp for setting up very necessary policies and systems, who are here all the way from the Netherlands, Neville Cummings, Dr Potgieter, and then, our current team of people working for Joshua Project.

It is impossible for us to talk about all the experiences and to give honour to everyone who contributed to the success of Joshua Project.

To highlight three things that stand out about Joshua Project

Joshua Project is Christ Centred

I have learned over the years that you cannot change a community or a person with a program or a project. There is only one way a person can change…His heart must change…And there is only One who can change a heart and that is Jesus Christ because He said:

“I am the way, the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through Me” (John 14:6)

Joshua Project is a hand in the body of Christ, yes we represent the local church, discipling the hearts of children, bringing the good news of salvation to change hearts so that God will be glorified!

I honour the project for it is Christ centred! The second thing that stand out is…

Joshua Project loves Collaboration:

Joshua Project is an example of successful collaboration between different stakeholders. It is not a specific person, church or a Government project.

Joshua Project is our project, it is a community project. Different church groups are involved, different businesses show their support, different government departments are involved and people from all spheres of our rainbow nation are involved! This is truly an achievement!

It is not always easy, yes sometimes we need to knock and knock and later on even kick some doors open but Joshua Project is an example where people can work together…

The third thing that stands out for me is…

Joshua Project Invest in people assets

Joshua Project doesn’t ask for donations because we do not donate our services. We invest into people’s lives! So we ask for investors.

It is very necessary for us to invest in people’s lives! You will never know where your investment ends up.

This is how we should see community development projects:

Our sons and daughters will become the next pastors, musicians, teachers, carpenters, cashiers, entrepreneurs or even mayors and councillors and you never know, maybe even a next president.

That is why we don’t ask for donations, we confidently ask for investments because we know that an investment would impact God’s kingdom work, education of children, nurturing and growing of children to become adult responsible citizens of SA.

Here and right now is where we invest and work. It is on local level that we engage in partnerships, collaborate with businesses and organisations and where we become friends. Our success stories must be shared. If we can work together in Kouga then South Africa can work together.

Let us do what we have to do today to do what we want to do tomorrow!

So let us share the good news of Jesus Christ, let us collaborate and work together and let us invest our time, our energy and our money into people.

Joshua Project and many other projects in Kouga are ready to receive your investments of service, skills, time, energy and money to enable future dividends in your business, your church, God’s kingdom and mostly, in heaven!

The evening was well attended by various role players and their was no lack in entertainment as some of the children presented a lovely dance item. A well performed rap by Chelton had an impact on all the guests and the night was filled with lovely songs and music performed by local musicians.

Project Managers Jenny Virginia (Humansdorp) and Lunga Mlangeni (Jbay)



Thank you to Sonya from The Bay Pasta and Co for hosting us on the evening.

Happy birthday Joshua Project!