Children’s Year-End Function 2018

The day of the children’s year end function dawned, slightly chilly and overcast but this did not put a damper on the children’s fun, with most of the activities planned being indoors. Barry’s Transport took the children to Lumo Putt-Putt and then on to Marina Wharf for lunch and dessert and a spur of the moment boat ride. There was much excitement in the air.

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2018 in Review

2018 did not come without its challenges. But it also didn’t fly past without blessings. We want to thank Jesus for everything he does for us, in good and in bad. This is our year in review.

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Beautifully renovated Counselling Room

Counselling Room Renovated

Two lovely ladies, who would like to remain anonymous, renovated the Counselling Room at their own expense as well as doing all the work themselves.

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