2019 in Review

An overview of happenings at Joshua Project in 2019.
New T Shirts

Overall achievements

Jeffreys Bay

January 2019

The beginning of the year was busy and exciting for us as we kicked off with a planning meeting. With regards to the education part of our programme (AET – Adult Education Training), plans were put into place to prepare the children for formal Benchmark exams this year.

We were blessed to start off 2019 with a gift of new Joshua Project t-shirts, which adds to the children’s sense of unity.

Last year we introduced a programme crucial for children approaching the age of 18 (JP Leaders “The Next Step”). This programme helps us integrate children into the larger community by enrolling them into job shadowing opportunities. One of the girls attending Aleph Clothing developed a good relationship with them through our programme.

One of the 18-year olds enrolled at PULSE (People Uplifting Life Skills and Education), a six week course which helped her gain further life skills training. It was followed by a 2 week programme of Work 4 a Living, which granted her an opportunity to learn about work ethics and how to not just find employment, but how to keep her job once employed.

We welcomed 6 new children at Joshua Project Jeffreys Bay for 2019.

One of our focuses for 2019 was to create opportunities to connect with children who come to us for homework support in the afternoons. We didn’t just want them to come, use our computer and leave. We wanted to connect with them and minister to them as well. This led us to start our first study group, which allowed us to connect with them on a one-on-one basis.

We had our first parents evening for 2019 and although it was not well attended, it was still a great opportunity to share with the parents on what we were planning for the first term.

In Home Economics, the children learned to make pillow cases out of old T-Shirts and designed  their own living rooms.

February 2019

We were honoured  to receive a nomination for the Eastern Cape Charlotte Maxeke Service Excellence Awards for 2019, held in Mthatha on 28 February 2019. Although we could not attend the award ceremony, we were truly delighted to hear that we were 1st runner up. Following, we planned a formal hand over of the certificate on 27 March 2019.

Charlotte Maxeke

Our local SPCA did a demonstration to raise awareness of animal cruelty among the children. The children were intrigued and had many questions and comments. SPCA volunteers assisted two of the children whose dogs were ill. We are thankful for their visit. 

We planned some lovely activities for the children in order to expose them to more skills, such as: self-defense classes, rhythmic dance classes, guitar, surfing, wood work and more.

Although our focus is to M.E.N.D the children who attend Joshua Project on a daily basis, we believe it is important for the team members to also be M.E.N.Ded and the ladies were treated to a very special event hosted by Bev van Rensburg from Apples of Gold.

March 2019

One of our highlights for the first term was to take the children on a camp. We went to Eersterivier from 11-13th March. The Camp was very successful and all the children returned safely. The theme for the camp was “Choosing Jesus”, based on Luke 5:1-11.

On the last day of camp the children and team members visited a Protea Farm where they learnt more about our national flower. We were blessed to have some volunteers join us on the camp, including a volunteer who helped at Joshua Project years ago, who also assisted us with a sobriety skills programme in April. This lovely individual presented a few activities for the children and then we also had one of our role-players, Aleph Surf team member who joined the camp, ensuring that we had our own lifeguard.

At our director’s meeting in March, representatives from the Dept of Social Development officially handed over our beautiful certificate for Charlotte Maxeke Service Excellence Awards. We were the 1st runner up.  Although all the directors could not make it for the event, it was a blessed occasion. We are truly grateful for the recognition.

May 2019

As part of planning for the 2nd term, we adjusted the afternoon programme slightly, in order to accommodate the children better and ease the pressure of a lack of volunteers. The week was divided into study groups and research days. We encourage children from various schools to come and study together for tests and exams with the assistance of children in higher grades and our volunteers.

On research days, children were able to use our computers and internet to do research for tasks and projects.

We also accommodated younger children from 1-3pm with activities while they awaited  homework support.

In April, some of our team attended an Asset Based Community Development 1 day Workshop (2 team members, 2 project managers and 1 director attended). Some of our team members attended about 2 years ago. The workshop dealt with having a different outlook and attitude in the community in order to help people help themselves. Another 3 day workshop was held later in the year, hosted by iKhala Trust.

Asset Based Community Development 1day Workshop

In April, Lunga (project manager), Nazley (Aux Social Worker) and Nozi (Social Worker) attended the graduation of one of the children who attend Ernst Malgas Treatments Centre in PE together with his parents. He attended a 6 week programme. e was taught knitting and was encouraged to continue with this skill and is doing so well. Further discussions and programmes are to be done with him and his parents.

Our gardening project has moved ahead quite fast since more volunteers jumped in to assist.

We are thankful for the volunteers who assist in the afternoon programmes.

June 2019

Some of the children older than 16, have been attending  partner organisations for many years now, namely, Timion, assisting with woodwork skills, and Aleph Surfing’s Sewing division. This not only created opportunities for the children to learn skills, but allowed them to meet other people and experience life in a working environment, which would  benefit them in future

The boy who learnt to knit started teaching some of the other children as well. They knitted beanies for the winter and sold them. One of our team members, Olivia, taught the children to recycle unused material to make pot holders and floor mats.

Watch this space for future entrepreneurs.

On the 22nd of May we had a parent meeting which was well attended by 7 parents. We addressed the following issues: What is a Drop-in centre?, The Future of Children over the age of 18, Discipline, Confidentiality, the parent’s involvement with Substance abuse, Parental Support, as well as the Gardening course training opportunity on the 9th of July 2019.

Meeting At Joshua Project

On 16th and 17th of May, three of our team member attended a Human Trafficking workshop presented by the Salvation Army South Africa and Home of Change. The workshop was relevant to present times and our community.

As part of working with children and their parents, in order to maximise opportunities for reconciliation, one of the children and their parents attended a family counselling session at On Eagles Wings in April and the parents attended a Marriage workshop in May. 

Our Gardening Project flourished. We had two volunteers help us once a week as part of the preparation for the training that happened in July. In the first week of the third term we had a small scale farming workshop from Pauline, a permaculture self sustainable gardening expert. We invited the community to join us and partake in the Skills development process.

Kids Having A Jol In The Joshua Project Garden

We took part in the Winterfest Clean Up Project hosted by Kouga Municipality and it was a wonderful opportunity not just to give back to the community but to bond with the children in a more relaxed manner.

July 2019

The June school holidays were welcomed by both children and team members. It gave us an opportunity to prepare for the new term. Although we were only open for our drop-in hour schedule (9am till 12pm), many children who normally do not come to us during school times, visited us, giving us the  opportunity to spend quality time with them.

We spent plenty of time preparing for our gardening and in 2019 it bore fruit!. It started with the preparation of soil and compost and progressed to  training for children and adults, which started on the 15th of July 2019. The end of this year we had crops to sell.

Joshua Project was a victim of vandalism and criminal activity for a long time, however we thank God for the  installation of a 2.4m high clear view fence at the back.

August 2019

We invested in a successful gardening project for 2019. Some wonderful progress has been made thus far.

There was a 2 day workshop on protective behaviour which two of our team members attended.

One child’s parents attended a drug-awareness course.

Drug Awareness Seminar Poster

We officially introduced a Social Worker to assist us, together with Social Development, in dealing swiftly with certain cases. 

Our Social Worker and our Aux Social Worker attended an accredited one day training and information workshop on the 7th of August for “Understanding the Children’s Act and the new 2018 Amendments”. 

There were various skills development opportunities attended by the children. They thoroughly enjoyed it.

Our plans for the coming months and news for the past year to all those who attended.

Joshua Project Agm 2019 Poster


January 2019

We had 12 boys attending on a more regular basis and worked with Dept. of Social Development to track down their families to work on better assisting them.

We noticed that the boys  started paying more attention to their personal hygiene and thus they were given more opportunity to wash. They also took roles of responsibility by washing dishes and assisting to clean every day before going home.

February 2019

To make birthdays special, the boys went for an outing to Jeffreys Bay and although the weather was not favourable for a surf lesson as planned, they still braved the cold water to have a swim and the day ended with some fun treats and food.

The children continued with their AET classes.

March 2019

We made progress with the children attending Humansdorp as we were finding more addresses and relatives of the children. We even had at least one parent proactively contacting us. This was a major achievement.

Some fun during the holiday programme.

June 2019

On the 26th of May a fundraising by means of a High Team was done for a local church’s ladies. This was an opportunity for the children of Humansdorp to attend and the invitation was extended to the children from the tip, Donkerhoek and Jbay. There were a total of 20 kids. The programme consisted of praise, dance, sharing The Gospel of Jesus Christ by using colours and with the colours the kids made bracelets and then they were served a high tea. The volunteers that day were from Joshua Project and a local church.

The children who attend Humansdorp on a regular basis joined the children at Jbay on Tuesdays and Thursdays. On a Thursday they did the basics of woodworking.

July 2019

As part of our goals at Joshua Project, we wanted to assist in seeing children and youth set free from drug and substance abuse. Bearing this in mind, 4 children attended an eight week sobriety skills programme with Carvin Jaars. They celebrated this accomplishment with a fishing trip.

As part of our quarterly plan, we did an evaluation meeting to pinpoint our strengths and weaknesses for the term in order to equip ourselves for the new term ahead. One of the children attended the evaluation meeting and he was very proud to be a part of it and he said that Joshua Project felt like a home to him.

August 2019

During the school holidays hardly any of the children attended but it was nice to see that the first day of the term some of them did come. 

One of the children who lived on the street returned to his foster home and was adamant to change and even set goals for himself, making us extremely proud and excited for him.

Four boys  gave their lives to Jesus and we praised our Lord for them. On the 27th of July, as part of a fundraising event for another organisation, 21 kids from the Tip, Donkerhoek, Kruisfontein and surroundings joined a fun-filled day of braai & slaai. They played games and learned some Dutch games too.

2019 Annual Report

Joshua Project 2019 Annual Report
District Sarah Baartman
Area Humansdorp
Organisation Joshua Project Drop-In Centre
Reporting period January – August 2019
Indicator (programme and service levels) Number of Children Type of service provided
Number of Children identified 83 Life Skills Programme Discipleship programme, Arts
Number of Children received services 16 Referral, 779 Homework Support Referral, Counselling, Assisted with Homework etc
Number of Child-headed Household identified 0 Psychosocial Support
Number of Child-headed Household received services 0 Psychosocial Support
Number of Families identified and serviced 1 Parenting Programme
Number of People benefited from soup kitchen 95 Lunch and snacks
Training of Community Caregivers
Indicator Number Specify the type / name of training
Number of community caregivers trained 10 9 x Biblical Sexual Theology & 1 x Wellness Training 4 x Asset Based Community Development 1 Day Workshop 5 x Human Trafficking
Number of community caregivers who attended at least one accredited course in the reporting period 2 Children’s Act
An overview of happenings at Joshua Project in 2019.